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REFLECTIONS is a pseudo-visual / pseudo-verbal / pseudo-audio journal for myself. As one of my peers described it "it's kind of like a love letter to yourself." It takes things that I enjoy (music, memories, writing, experimental typography) and puts it together into one neat package in the form of a library of typographic experiments that I can continue to build upon or refer back to for future projects. REFLECTIONS is a holder of 18 distinct memories from my childhood through 18 years of age. REFLECTIONS is a typographic experiment. REFLECTIONS is for me and could be for you.
the tracks
I (like most people) have strong memories tied to certain songs / albums / artists. For REFLECTIONS, each "track" (even though they're not all singular songs) on the tracklist is associated with a memory. For my typographic experiments, I decided to use either or both parts of the song (such as lyrics, music video, etc.) and the memory (things I did at the time, visuals associated with it, etc.) to create parameters. The parameters helped me to create a sort of idea of what media I wanted to explore in.
the experiments
REFLECTIONS is, as noted early, neatly packaged. The package is in the form of this website here. The branding is meant to feel "nostalgic" and commemorative to the concept of "REFLECTIONS" (such as with the logo repeating itself on the landing).
The site structure is simple with easy navigation. Each "page" is dedicated to a track and listen to the song(s) (or watch videos where relevant) to help give a frame of reference or something to enjoy while looking at the visuals. The LEFT← side is mostly dedicated to reading whereas the RIGHT→ side is dedicated to looking. The website is meant to feel "tactile" and "controllable", allowing each side to have independent scrolling for easy viewing.
the reflection
Seeing that this meant to be a sort of personal library, I would definitely like to refer back to some of these experiments for future projects whatever that may be. I am also considering doing more since I have a large number of memories and have a lot of experiments that I would like to return to so I can dive deeper.
In the context of Spring 2021, it was an enjoyable journey. I always love listening to the same music over and over again so this was a great excuse just to listen to some old favorite (and some old not-so-favorites). It was also a perfect "excuse" to be able to do what I love which is typographic experimentation. I love form and I love playing around with media. I love testing limitations and I love pushing boundaries. In a way, REFLECTIONS is a reflection (get it?) of me.