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15. you'll rebel to anything

Mindless Self Indulgence was probably the first band I discovered specifically on YouTube. I originally came across their music while in middle school, but really dug into their albums in high school (notably You'll Rebel to Anything and if, by this point you shouldn't be surprised that I listen to some angsty-ass music).
It wasn't until later in high school that I came across this music video of the title track of You'll Rebel to Anything. For some reason, the imagery really stuck in my head after nearly a decade of coming across it. Specifically: weird plastic nuns spitting sparks (0:30); sped up officers practicing flag formations (1:01); G. W. Bush fliping off the camera (2:21).

The music video primarily utilizes found imagery (distinctly mid-20th century looking found imagery) that flashes on the screen. So basically that's what I did (gathered found imagery + make a flashy gif).

This is probably my favorite one of my bunch. I love photoshop keyframe animations, it's so janky and cute and stupid.
Experiment B: It's kind of strange the type of stuff you find on the good ol' LoC. I really love it (especially the "Never | Never! | Never?" I would love to do a whole series like this of an entire song. Could be cute and fun.
Experiment D: I feel like this style just really fits the whole MSI vibe. It's really great and it's such a good homage to such a pivotal band from my youth.
experiment A. screenshots taken from Genius → I basically just cut up each word and overlayed it on top of the screenshot of the lyrics "You're telling me that fifty million screaming fans are never wrong | I'm telling you that fifty million screaming fans are fucking morons."
experiment B. found imagery from Library of Congress + screenshots taken from Genius → What better place to find archival imagery than the Library of Congress. All I did was type in each word into the search and grabbed the first image I saw that had the word on it.
experiment C. combined experiment A and B + introduced overlays
experiment D. took experiment C, reintroduced color, + introduced distortion