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17. fireflies

Although I still listen to a lot of songs that I listened to growing up, there are some songs that I regret saying that I used to like.
For exmaple, pretty much everything about Owl City is bad, but I was obsessed with "Fireflies" not just because I thought the song was a banger (it's really not), but because I used to play it on Tap Tap Revenge (which is a banger and overall good time).

Ever thought about how gross your fingers are? Ever thought about how gross your phone is? Same.
Tap Tap Revenge relies on you using your (hopefully, not dirty) fingertips to play a rhythm game. So, I used my dirty fingers for this set.

Next time I do this, I should probably literally dirty my hands instead of using paint / ink. This would probably help with getting more of a "grit" texture of dirt. Still, I like what I did. This reminds me of an art performance (can't recall name or artist) where the artists used their entire body to create beautiful floor sized painting.
experiment A. fore to thumb inked, pressed, + dragged
experiment B. fore and thumb inked + pressed multiple times
experiment C. whole palm inked + pressed → I never really thought about how not exactly flat my hands are until this moment. The joint at my ring finger is especially depressed in comparison to the other joints.
experiment D. finger inked, pressed, dragged, + pressed → Paint performs weirdly on hands in my opinion.