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16. smoke on the water

If you've ever picked up a bass guitar and didn't immediately figure out how to play "Smoke on the Water" have you ever even picked up a bass guitar?

I have way too many (but also not enough) instruments in my office. One of those instruments is the bass guitar that I picked up to first play "Smoke on the Water" (and other things, but I never really stuck to it).
I took pictures (far and close) of my bass and pulled letterforms from the shapes of what I photographed.

Guitars have such weird shapes.
Experiment C: I really like the shapes of these tuning pegs. They also feel really smooth. I think that there's a potential for a whole typeface featuring this sort of shape in it too. Could be cool. Especially in a pattern form.
Experiment D: I didn't realy like how my "K" came out, but I do genuinely think that the body of the guitar is a really interesting shape. I wonder if anyone's ever made typefaces out of guitar bodies. Or if there are guitars out there that have a letterform for their guitar body. I feel like there has to be an "X" body out there.
experiment A. reflection on body → I noticed while looking at my bass guitar that because of the way the body is formed (soft curves) it creates some interesting reflections that warp the light.
experiment B. bridge → There are so many small parts to a guitar, who knew? (Not me.)
experiment C. tuning pegs → I always think about how guitar makers decide to design the tuning pegs. Sometimes they're just ovals or, in this case, a weird upside down fleur de lis shape which I always really liked.
experiment D. bass guitar body → Oh standard Fender guitar bodies. They're so oddly shapes yet fit so comfortably on your lap. Ergonomics.