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12. meteora

My sophomore year art class was a rowdy bunch (didn't help that most of the students were the grade above and that entire class as a whole were kinda known to be rambunctious). One girl in particularly was obsessed with Linkin Park's Meteora. We got along well enough.
Anyway, we had to create a relief of sorts using paper and she and I both decided to use a bunch of left over punchholes from the hole puncher to create our reliefs.

I actually didn't like that art class a lot, but that relief project was fun. So I guess here I am doing it again but creating typography instead of whatever it is I made back then.

Holepunches are cool man. Let's do this more.
experiment A. arranged holepunches → I was pretty surprised to find such a colorful array of holepunches in my holepuncher which was cool. Made for a lot of different textures/colors to show through.
experiment B. paper, holepunched in an array → I've always thought it was interesting that a lot of letterforms share similar shapes (W, M, L, E)
experiment C. inked letterform on paper, holepunched → The idea was to play wiht figure ground so you could see the inked "M" and the holepunched "W"s and "M"s.
experiment D. used holepunched array as template to ink over → Happened by accident.