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11. pinball wizard

In my high school physics tests, my teacher liked to insert his students' names into the physics problems, pretending we were the subject that needed our ~incredible~ physics skills to solve the problem.
My name was only ever included once and all I remember is "Marisa is a pinball wizard and is trying to..." I'm not sure if he was specifically referencing The Who (I assume he was), but I remember being disappointed because I'm not that big of a fan of The Who.

Have you ever seen physics simulations? They're pretty cool. I found My Physics Lab and basically fooled around watching the different simulations and playing around with parameters / metrics / etc. From there, I took screenshots from my recording and pulled out type that I saw from the abstract shapes drawn by the line.

I was kind of a nerd in high school and was actually kind of upset that I couldn't take AP Physics in high school (instead I took art, which worked out better anyway considering my career choice). This was a lot of fun and it make me remember two things : 1) physics is cool and 2) physicals is hard.
I enjoyed playing around the simulations a lot and while watching felt like the type that I was seeing felt very 1970s psychedelic (experiment B, experiment C). Wonder if there was any inspiration from physics back then? I think maybe it could be cool to do IRL simulations to create type too. Though I have no idea how I'm going to do that.
Could also be cool just to make a typeface out of one of the graphs?
experiment A. pendulum with direction field → "O" watch it on YouTube
experiment B. inverted vibrating pendulum → "N" "P" watch it on YouTube
experiment C. inverted vibrating pendulum (again) → "N" watch it on YouTube
experiment D. roller coaster → "O" "O" "M" watch it on YouTube