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09. through the fire and flames

Back in the day (AKA the glory of Guitar Hero), my brother and I were obsessed with fighting over who got to play first and what song, etc. (thank god co-op mode and Rock Band were invented so that multiple people could play at once). My brother, unsurpisingly, is much more coordinated than me so he would actually attempt to tackle expert mode "Through the Fire and Flames" (AKA the hardest song in Guitar Hero 3). Part of his method included tapping down one of the buttons so he could dedicate each finger to the other four buttons on the neck.
So, if you hear this title and don't think of Guitar Hero, good for you.

Since tape was what allowed my brother to beat "Through the Fire and Flames" in expert (at least once, I think), I figured it would be appropriate to use tape to make type.

Overall, I was kind of disappointed? I didn't feel like it was a lot of fun actually and maybe that's because I don't have a lot of idfferent kinds of tape? I wonder what it would be like to try different surfaces (not just flat). I'm not sure. I was actually really excited by this one, but I guess not everything can be a winner.
Experiment C: I think there's a lot of interesting stuff happening with the folds with the tape (especially at the right side of the "F"). I think that the folding techniques could also vary. Should probably look into paper folding techniques for that.
experiment A. single line of masking tape → Who knew that making curves with a straight object could lead to so many wrinkles? For this I took a long piece of tape and tried to create the "forte" f.
experiment B. single line of masking tape with less crinkling → Similar idea to experiment A, but tried with a more "blocky" type.
experiment C. single line of masking tape with neat folding → Instead of a wrinkly approach, I tried a neat and clean folding approach. Thanks to my many years of minimal origami experience, this was kinda fun.
experiment D. masking tape on paper, drawn over, + tape pulled off → Placed down type to create the negative space "F" before drawing all over it. Then the tape was slowly peeled off to avoid rips (although I wasn't 100% successful with that).