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08. chasing cars

The first song I managed to harmonize to (sorry, I don't take requests).

To harmonize is "to play or sing different musical notes that sound pleasing together" (Merriam-Webster). Audio wise, it's relatively easy to tell when people are harmonizing (think choir), but visually how do you show that?
I downloaded a couple of apps to measure the frequency of sound as well as the pitch of sound. Then screenrecorded to see how they visually display the information as I either 1) played harmonizing chords on my piano or 2) played "Chasing Cars" into it. Then, I took those screen recordings to see if I could garner anything visually interesting that represented letterforms. (I also edited them so you could see those letterforms more distinctly.) I also used a grid since frequencies / amplitudes are measured on a grid.

I really love how the letterforms are starting to look using graphs as inspiration for gridded letterforms. I've always wanted to create a typeface similar to this too (so maybe now I have an excuse). I also think that the way that the letterforms are locking up / visually interacting with each other (negative space and all that) is cool. Maybe a poster?
experiment A. → "R" + "3"
experiment B. → "S" + "b"
experiment C. → "A" + "c"