THE SPLIT is a report on my findings from interviews of design educators and industry leaders of digital design in Philadelphia, PA. In short, it is an examination of digital design education approaches and digital design industry expectations.
It is also a personal memoir of sorts on my growth as a designer during my MFA career at Tyler School of Art + Architecture: what I am learning; what I want to understand; and how I want to continue to move forward.
instructor : Bryan Satalino
special thanks : Mark Willie, Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel, Beth Shirrell, Gigi McGee, Abby Guido, Jenny Kowalski, Neha Agarwal, Aaron Richardson, + everyone else I've had the pleasure to chat with about this casually
>> watch my UCDA presentation <<
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Naming + Styling
"THE SPLIT" is a direct reference to (what I've been calling) the space between print and digital. I call it a split because, currently, it feels more than just space but more of a rough gap (in the design education context).
The styling relies on OTF fonts (Apfel Grotezk and Redaction), repeated geometry, grids, and glyphs.
The Report
"THE SPLIT" is really all about this PDF report. I talk about how I started the project (in Fall 2019) and how I ended to where I am now (in May 2021). It's a pseudo-timeline / pseudo-memoir of my graduate experience. Questions I asked coming in and questions that I will be asking now and into the future.
I was accepted to create a poster presentation for the UCDA Design Education Summit 2021. The presentation consisted of a 12" x 18" poster and a 10 minute video summarizing what I researched, found, and am looking forward towards.
>> watch my UCDA presentation <<
please send request for view!