S.O.M.A. (Social Outreach + Migration Agency)
S.O.M.A. is a government agency (set in a fictional, dystopian universe) that works to control the ever-growing numbers of their populations by attracting citizens to other (dystopian) universes. The agency markets universe with G.R.A.M.M.E. (Global Relocation Availabilities for Major and Minor Exiting), a the mailable package that features four universes!
This conceptual project is an undergraduate thesis project working with experimentation of typography, image-making, and publication.
Adobe Suite
Naming + Styling
Both S.O.M.A. and G.R.A.M.M.E. are references to the dystopian classic Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.
To keep in theme with dystopian tropes, the outside packaging of G.R.A.M.M.E. is meant to be delightful and cheery, hiding the more sinister and less-than-desireable traits of a dystopian universe.
Four Featured Universes
The concept is that each unique G.R.A.M.M.E. package would feature four unique universes based on different dystopian worlds from media. In this package I focus on 4 stories: Harrison Bergeron; La Jetee; Billennium; and 2BR02B.
Each world would be featured in a booklet (the type is the direct text of the story). Each booklet would be unique created to match the theme of each world between the imagery, the typography, and the publication format.
Harrison Bergeron
"always fit in"
Narrative themes:
Forced perfection through impairment
Design themes:
Cut imagery of body
La Jetee
"tomorrow belongs to you"
Narrative themes:
Uncontrollable time travel
Design themes:
Varying width of page to perceive both future and past
Imagery of an individual alone
Layered mirage
"find your space"
Narrative themes:
Invasion of space
Privacy loss
Design themes:
Reduction of space (white space and page size)
Increased noise
"achieve equilibrium"
Narrative themes:
Population management through death
Design themes:
Violence in between start and end
Consistency at start and end