RHEA Smart Home
RHEA is a concept smart home system, designed for comfort, ease, and efficiency.
We (Tyler GAID M.F.A.s) were tasked to design several products that lived in a cohesive environment.
My main role in the group was in research and UX/UI. I initiated research efforts for surveys and interviews. Additionally, as the most experienced app designer in the group, I headed the UX/UI team providing guidance and ensuring consistency between products.
UI/UX + research : me! :)
UI/UX + branding : Wenqing Liu
UI/UX + product : Claudia Dubé
branding + research : Kat Brissette
branding + illustration : Justine Kelley
instructor : Abby Guido
Adobe Suite
We started with brainstorming (led by Kat), figuring out who are target audience was and how we wanted to approach them. We came up with goals and after several sessions, we moved into research.
I led the team in developing surveys and we worked out groups to send it to. The surveys led to one-on-one interviews. The research led to the development of several user personas.
Following research, we decided to move forward with four devices:
Hub command center that connects all devices
Lock all-in-one security system
Oven helpful assistant for cooking
Coffee Maker at-home barista
Primarily worked on by Justine and Kat, the brand was developed to evoke a comfort and familiarity.
UX/UI team
Wen, Claudia, and I comprised the UX/UI team. Together, we collaborated to create countless wireframes and design iterations to iron out an easy-to-use and cohesive UX experience for RHEA.
Having worked in the UX industry, I worked as the "guide" for the team by leading discussions and critiques to improve our designs and products.
I worked on the Coffee Maker and Oven.
Coffee Maker
The barista in your home, the RHEA Coffee Maker can whip up any coffee from your home.
RHEA learns your fav drinks and your schedule, offering "usuals" to be made whenever you want!
Your at-home cooking assistant provides ease of use for making recipes and works with the RHEA lock to make sure you don't accidentally forget oven on when you leave!