Student Work
Abstract Composition Project
GAD2001 Graphic Design, Temple University
professor: Jenny Kowalski
Students were intructed to create graphic compositions to imply meaning using only basic geometric shapes and only black/white.
From a list of musical terms, students sketched to explore various ways to apply Gestalt theory to create compelling compositions while convey meaning.
create compelling compositions utilizing gestalt principles
convey conceptual meaning through visuals
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Phase 1 : Ideation
For each term, students were asked to create 10 sketches by hand that uniquely convey the meaning of their chosen term.
Phase 2 : Exploration
In Illustrator, students explored their ideas creating multiple more finished version of their sketches.
Phase 3 : Presentation
In the last phase, students had to present their work in a Behance project to include for the major application portfolio submission. They were required to include their final compositions, sketches, and write an introductory statement.
Website Design Accessibility Check-In
GAD2001 Graphic Design, Temple University
professor: Jenny Kowalski
As part of their branding project, students were asked to check-in with me via XD prototype links. I provided comments on sizing and spacing to aid in increasing accessibility.
ensure students took accessibility into consideration for web design
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