m a r i s a watanabe
teaching experience in graphic design, digital media + techniques, typography, branding, new media, + experimental image-making
teaching philosophy
In the classroom, my role is to help foster reflection and listening. The critique is thus a space not to be only taken up by my own opinions, but the whole class as a group of individuals. This is accomplished through questions that help students think critically and participate in the classroom. The questions I ask relate to decision-making and how those decisions relate to the work conceptually and technically as well as how it relates to others.
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diversity statement
Identities are complex. For example, I am a female, first-generation Japanese, Chinese-Indonesian American graphic designer who enjoys working in the digital landscape and exploring design ethics / philosophy / theory while bopping to mid-2000s emo music. I know that each part of my own identity is important and so I strive to recognize and see the different parts that build an identity in others, both in those I work with and those I teach.
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