NATIVE is a concept mobile exhibition on promoting biodiversity in our backyards.
prompt : inclusion / exclusion
instructor : Kelly Holohan
special thanks : Kate Benisek
Adobe Suite
Floor Plan
The exhibition is comprised of two 16' x 5.5' trailers that attach at one side of the 16' walls to create a double wide setup. This provide ample space for multiple visitors to walk through and also allows for easy transportation to different locations.
Wall 1 : introduction + food webs
The first section of the exhibit gives a brief introduction and states the problem: that we are cutting down natives and planting non-natives and invasives in their place.
A large scale sample of a foodweb in the Mid-Atlantic region helps to set up the viewer for understanding why non-native species are a problem.
Wall 2 : invasive species
This wall focuses on explaining the effects of invasives and how native insects won't prey on them because they do not recognize these plants as food.
Posters to the left highlight an aspect of invasive species: their readily multiplication; how they out-compete natives; and how their beauty deceives us of the harm they cause.
Wall 3 : protect our bugs
As established by the foodweb and the invasive species walls, bugs are particularly important for our habitat.
This section is meant to exemplify other advantages that we benefit from by protecting our bugs: pollination; decomposition; and pest control.
Balcony : native samples
To encourage visitors to include natives in their own garden, there is a balcony area that features regional natives.
The informational panels talk about the importance of both layering (to provide adequate shelter for different types of insects) and plant necessities (to set the garden for success).
Wall 4 : why it matters
We rely on our ecosystem, so it is for to our own benefit that we should take care of keeping it healthy.
A reflection of wall 2, the posters each focus on a different ecosystem service umbrella: support; provision; regulation; and culture.
Wall 5 : closing
At the very end of the exhibit is a parting message for visitors asking them to take action and do their part.
Additionally, zines are kept here for visitors to take which offer a general overview of the information in the exhibit as well as seed paper to help them get started.
The Zine
As a take-with-you, the zine is a condensed version of the exhibition to cover the same topic and content on-the-go.